Audition dates and venues

Brian Slater

All applicants to our full-time training courses and our Associate programmes are offered an audition

Applications for full-time training as well as Mid, Senior and Advanced Associates open in the Autumn Term each year. Applications for Junior Associates open at the beginning of the Spring Term each year.

UK auditions 2021

UK preliminary auditions for full-time training (September 2021 entry) were held via video submission in late 2020 and early 2021.

Final auditions for applicants who are successful at the preliminary stage will be held in Spring 2021.

COVID-19 update

The final audition dates are subject to change and are for UK based students only. Auditions will be held in accordance with all health and safety guidelines/restrictions and government guidance available at the time.

International students will be sent audition details at a later date.



White Lodge – incoming Year 7 boys 11 or 12 March 2021
White Lodge – incoming Year 7 girls 19, 20 or 21 March 2021
White Lodge – incoming Year 8-11 boys and girls 26 March 2021
All Upper School – ladies and men 27 March 2021

Video auditions 2021

Video applicants apply using our online application form and selecting the Video option. Always prepare and film your video before completing the application form.

All video applications must include photos and fee payment together with the uploaded video link and all must be submitted together by the closing deadline.

Any applicant successful at the preliminary stage for full-time training will be invited to London to attend a final audition in person during March (TBC). Results for students who have applied for the Associates programme will be sent out after the completion of the full-time training auditions and should be sent out by the end of the Spring term.

Check our video requirements.

International auditions 2021

Audition closer to home at one of our international preliminary auditions in Spain, Czech Republic, Portugal, Italy or the USA. Find out more.

Associate auditions 2021

Applications for Mid, Senior and Advanced Associates open in September for entry the following year. Applications for Junior Associates open in mid February for entry that same year.

Junior Associate auditions are held in May at our centres in Newcastle, Manchester, Birmingham, Dundee, Leeds, Eastleigh, Bath, Totnes and London.

Mid, Senior and Advanced Associate candidates were this year invited to submit a preliminary video audition in late 2020 or early 2021.

Audition dates

Totnes tbc
Bath tbc
Birmingham tbc
Manchester tbc
Eastleigh tbc
Leeds tbc
Newcastle tbc
Dundee tbc
London tbc

Please note, venues with more than one date will have the day allocated according to age following the provisional guidelines above when possible, however class allocation is dependant on numbers of applications received from each age-group with exact numbers only known after the close date – invitations to audition will be emailed out in April and will give you confirmed dates and class times.

Class allocation is conditional on the age-range of applicants received at the application close date, which can vary year on year.