Inspire is The Royal Ballet School’s inspirational professional development programme.

We are unable to offer Inspire seminars at the moment due to COVID-19. The practical component of our seminars is integral to their delivery. We will deliver Inspire as soon as we are able to safely return to the studio.

In the meantime you may be interested in our Enlighten webinars for dance teachers. These webinars are an excellent supplement to our Inspire series and ideal for developing teachers’ CPD portfolio. Find out more.

We also plan to deliver our Inspire Series 1 seminars in Seoul as part of our rescheduled Korea Intensive from 30 March – 4 April 2021. Find out more.

The programme offers fresh and exciting ideas to guide teachers in their approach to classical ballet teaching. Held in the UK and internationally, these innovative events support the professional development of teachers from all backgrounds: experienced teachers to new teachers and student teachers.

There are two series within the Inspire Programme; Series 1: Inspire and Series 2: Inspire to be.

Series 1: Inspire consists of six, one-day seminars that contain a mix of practical and pedagogical study. Series 2: Inspire to be follows on from Series 1: Inspire and consists of four one-day seminars that contain a mix of observation and practical study. Classes are delivered to students of the participating teachers. Through observing our experienced tutors in action and participating in practical sessions, teachers will learn how to apply what they have learnt in Series 1: Inspire.

Series 1: Inspire


Series 2: Inspire to be